A little lesson on creativity

Lenny here! A little lesson on creativity!! “People always tell me, Lenny”, You  jumpstart my Heart! ….or, You are so motivating! I have often had people ask me ”where do you get your inspiration?”

I will have to admit I draw inspiration from People, Nature, Art and all things past, present and future on our great rock called “The earth.”

As I spoke of in our last blog, I see things as Avant Guard, Contemporary and Consumer.”Take that which is common and make it interesting and you have created  Art”

One of my favorite ways to exercise my creative eye is to purchase books of artists such as Klimet. Picasso, Gauguin etc and look @ their combinations of color and brushstrokes. This has been invaluable to me in the Art of Haircolor.


(before I became a successful hairdresser, I would go to the library and spend hours looking @ the free VHS tutorials on fashion, makeup costume and design… and browse the books of the great artists, that I could not afford to purchase!)


I gained a lot of insight on Form and balance looking at books on drawing and portrait art. This also helped with make-up application and creating symmetry from everything to eyes to the nose,.. nose to the lips and lips to the chin. Books on perspective, and proportion were and are great tools for me.


Reading and watching tutorials @ the library motivated me to study Prostetique..3D makeup fabrication..I went into my garage and started creating, all the time I was learning and developing a skillset! This allowed me to become Fantasy Makeup Competition Champion for the entire state of Fl. 4 years in a row! I became a coach to others after I learned the tricks!


Upon meeting famed Makeup school owner Joe Blasco he commented on my work and said…”where did you learn to do this?” “in my garage I said!”  “If you are @ this level in your garage, then come to my school and I will make you famous!” I already had my own business at the time and could not sacrifice the 10 weeks to attend the school!

Famous is just a word!!! Infamous is a legacy of being!!!:)


Architecture and architects also inspire me in the realm of form, balance and design.(Frank Lloyd Wright Antonio Goudi etc) Designers who delve in Troump L’oriel give an eye to dimension(Michaelangelo, Rembrandt and his amazing study of Light and fabric etc.

Limitless opportunities to be inspired are now no longer just @ the libraries…They are @ your fingertips through the world wide web!!! Multiple genres simultaneously!!!


Instead of FB go to tutorials on your chosen interests and career loves!! Gain the knowledge!! “Go and find something ”Pinteresting”!!!:)

When you have save the link or better yet do what I do write down favorite points and sketch YOUR interpretation.


In closing, CREATIVITY is not a spectator sport! You must be proactive to interpret what your minds eye has filtered! Write it, sketch it, break it, stretch it let it spark something deeper and you will see growth and advancement in all of your creative manifestations!!!

For every one act of pro activity ,  you learn 5 things! You do this because we are 5 sensory beings!!! So go ahead, eat, drink…..and CREATE!!!


Its what you were born to do!!!!!!

Lenny King Written by Lenny King