Hello m’name is Lenny King



Hello m’name is Lenny King, This is the first in a series of “Blog de Creatif”!

I have been a licensed Hairdresser since graduating Beauty School in 1981. I grew up in NY in the 60’s a time when Music Art, Fashion and all things Mod” came on the scene. The Age of Aquarius defined a culture and a Renaissance of  creativity which flooded the Youth of the world with a Freedom of Expression!

As long as I remember, I have seen Life through an artists’ eye. My academic pursuits always placed me in the fine company of Musicians, artists and all things creative.

I don’t consider m’self a “Blogger” however; I am using these pages as an opportunity to create a window into past, current and future HairFashion and social Trends, tips and techniques. Lets begin with a template for developing such an eye.

We will be considering terms such as “Avant Guard” Contemporary, Consumer.

These words show the basis of how trends “trickle down”


First we will review to understand the definition of  “Avante Guarde”. Avant meaning Task force, and guard as watchman, watchfulness, or the one I like Watchers eye.


Summed up in one word- “visionairies”. Most of your Top Designers take what they have filtered culturally through there minds eye and create a vision they see for tomorrows(future). John Paul Galliano(Christian Lacroix) May create an off shoulder, form fitting bodice with a long train and sewn in a futuristic metallic blue material.

In all of my travels witnessing glamour and fashion events. I have almost never caught sight of such a dress. However, you will see the fashion shift occur like a ripple into the Contemporary market.


Contemporary- Au Courant, current, or living @ the same time. This is where you find the vision of JPG, trickling into a current interpretation. High quality retailers(Neimans Marcus, Nordstroms) etc will showcase fashions best, and this is where it becomes “Trend”

Now you will see the interpretation through “Asymetry, form fitted waists, low babydoll backs or fronts. Also here you will catch the current color trend (usually you can back this up by selecting Pantones color prediction for the Year.

While the prices aren’t as high as the designer who created the Trend”, It is still in the economy of 20% of a fashion conscious society. Let’s follow it through, shall we?


Consumer- Browser, enjoyer, purchaser…and my favorite
”End User”

While Fashion dictates everything to do with determining Hair, art, design and Architecture etc. you can see through the creation of something Avant(future) becoming something Contemporary(present) and living out its life cycle as Consumer(Past-Present).




My favorite analogy is the description of “That Stuff” by Meryl Streep in the film” The Devil wears Prada. This a perfect descriptive end as she states” ….and that simple blue frock you chose from your pathetic closet, that you thought was YOUR choosing…..(paraphrased)!! Brilliant!


We find the same trickle down occurring with hair following fashion. Asymetry follow, naturals follow, metallics- follow, form fitting- follow, A-line -follow, fabric cuts on the Bias- follow etc.

In order to develop your eye for what is Hot, what is Not, consider the template in which I shared earlier in this Blog Post. Avant Guard, Contemporary, Consumer.


The first model that shaved a part of her head 4 seasons ago to accent the John Paul Gautier Skin showing “peekaboo” collection, was seen as progressive…now 2 years later, high school girls are following a slew of artists, musicians, actors with their barbered or tailored locks….now can you see how these trends get started?


The true Beauty of our industry is that it is constantly in a state of flux waiting for a new vision to emerge. Dual seasonality (Fall/Winter & Spring/summer) give designers many opportunities to manifest creatively from their “Minds Eye”


Choose any time period and look at the corresponding geo. neo, socio and politico undercurrents and you will develop your ability to be a TRENDSpotter and creator!


Until next time choose any fashion/trade publication(Vogue ,Glamour, Elle) and look for the minuet shifts in the Avant , the contemporary and you will be able to predict the Consumer by-product(end-user) have great creative Fun!!!


Lenny King Written by Lenny King